B-122, when combined intimately with powders intended for pressing to form eye shadows, rouges, cake powders, as well as tablets, markedly increases the drop strength of the final product without affecting the shearing quality of the compressed powder. Various commercial pressed powders containing 3% to 7% B-122 (substituted for magnesium stearate) have resulted in increased drop strengths of up to 100%. It was also noted that despite the increase in drop strength, there was no sacrifice of pay-off.

B-122 consists of a calcium acid stearate that is mechanically treated to modify the nature of the particles. This treatment process results in enhanced binding properties.

B-122 responds rapidly to pressure exerted upon it and compacts readily under slight pressure. Care must be taken in its use because it blocks easily. Once dispersed uniformly and thoroughly in the powder formulation, it can be compacted easily into strong shapes.

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