United-Guardian, Inc. is a globally recognized leader in the formulation and manufacture of hydrogels. Our hydrogels deliver premium smoothness, slipperiness (lubrication), sensory enhancement, moisturization and texture.

The LUBRAJEL® hydrogel line of products is ideal for the formulation of Personal Care products, as well as for application as lubricants for medical devices, since they facilitate the insertion of all types of catheters, endoscopes and other surgical instruments into the human body.

The NATRAJEL™ hydrogel technologies line of products has been specifically formulated to address the needs of the Sexual Wellbeing market.

Our pharmaceutical products have been on the market for over 50 years. CLORPACTIN® WCS-90 is a topical antimicrobial, a powerful disinfectant, fungicide, and deodorizer.

RENACIDIN® Irrigation Solution is a prescription drug approved by the FDA that is used primarily to prevent and to dissolve calcifications in urethral catheters.

United-Guardian has been certified by DQS Inc. to be in compliance with ISO 9001:2015.

The cornerstone of our business is Product Innovation. United-Guardian has extensive research and development capabilities and offers customized solutions for all hydrogel applications. Find out the many ways we can innovate together!

Excellence through Innovation®




Senior Executives, Officers
& Inside Directors

Donna Vigilante

Peter A.  Hiltunen
Senior Vice President
Production Manager

Andrea  Young
Chief Financial Officer
Controller; Treasurer

Krista Moricca
R&D Manager

Kristen  Nantista
Quality Assurance Manager

Nicole  Martino
Quality Control Manager

Outside Directors

Ken Globus
Former President & CEO of
United-Guardian, Inc. (retired)
Chairman of the Board of

Arthur M. Dresner
Counsel to the law firm of
Duane Morris LLP,
New York, NY
Chairman of the Audit
Committee (adresner@duanemorris.com)

Lawrence F. Maietta
Certified Public Accountant;
Partner in the accounting firm
of PKF O’Connor Davies,
LLP, New York, NY
Advisor to the Audit Committee

Andrew A. Boccone
Independent business
Member of the Audit

S. Ari Papoulias
Principal of ChemRise LLC
(business advisory firm)
Member of the Audit

Catherine Kolinski
Independent business