Lubrajel CG

Lubrajel CG was the very first Lubrajel and was developed in the early 1970's as a non-drying, water-soluble lubricant for the medical field. Lubrajel CG has been marketed since its development in 1973 as a medical lubricant. It has been used as a general and instrument lubricant for use during physical exams, and applied to catheters, thermometers and a host of other instruments. For medical uses this is now called Lubrajel MG. The Lubrajel CG name now applies only for cosmetics applications.

Since the 1980's, Lubrajel CG has been marketed to the cosmetic industry as a moisturizing base. This extraordinary moisturizer also lends rheological qualities as well as aesthetics to cosmetic creams, lotions and other personal care products. It is utilized by many of the world's cosmetic manufacturers as a unique moisturizer and is found in a variety of products worldwide.


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