Certificates of Analysis Access

Access to our Certificate of Analysis database is restricted to customers. If you are a customer of ours and would like access to the Certificate of Analysis database, please register by clicking HERE.

Please make sure that you check the box at the bottom of the registration page to request access to the Certificates of Analysis.

Once your status as a customer is confirmed you will receive an email from us indicating that you now have access to the Certificate of Analysis database. You will then see a new "CoA" column on the pages for the products that you purchase from us.

If you have already registered as a customer and have received an email from us indicating that your request to access the certificates of analysis database has been approved, you can download the certificates by clicking on "Product Information" (or by clicking on a particular product category), and then selecting the product in which you are interested and clicking on the icon in the "CoA" column for that product.

If you have any questions or problems please email us at info@u-g.com.

Thank you.