Corporate Information

United-Guardian, Inc. ("United") is a diversified company that conducts research, product development, manufacturing, and marketing of cosmetic ingredients, pharmaceuticals, health care products, and proprietary industrial products. Since its founding in 1942, the company has been granted over 30 patents.

United has entered into marketing and supply agreements with marketing partners around the world to market the company's products, primarily its cosmetic ingredients. Its most significant  and extensive marketing agreement with Ashland Specialty Ingredients ("ASI"), a leading global supplier of specialty chemicals and performance-enhancing products for personal care and other applications. ASI is marketing United's personal care products in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, South and Central America, parts of Europe, and Asia, most notably China. This marketing relationship has significantly expanded the market for United's products, which is expected to continue over the coming years. United also has marketing partners in the United Kingdom, Italy, France, and Switzerland.

The primary focus of the company's R&D department over the past few years has been on the development of ingredients that can be used to formulate "natural" or "organic" products. It has several such products currently on the market, and is in the process of developing additional products. Those products are formulated to comply with global specifications set forth by organizations such as Ecocert for certifying products for use in natural or organic products. All of the company's "natural" products have received attestations from Ecocert that they comply with both Ecocert and COSMOS ("Cosmetic Organic Standard") requirements for products that can be used in natural or organic products.


It is policy of United to comply strictly with all laws governing its operations, and to maintain the highest moral, legal and ethical standards. Accordingly, the company has adopted a Code of Business Conduct and Ethics that governs the actions of all of its employees and directors.  Any modifications to this Code will be promptly posted to this web site.



The charter for the company's audit committee can be found here.

Officers, Senior Executives, and Inside Directors

Kenneth H. Globus
Principal Executive Officer
General Counsel
Chairman of the Board of Directors

Robert S. Rubinger
Executive Vice President

Peter A. Hiltunen
Vice President
Production Manager

Andrea J. Young
Chief Financial Officer

Donna Vigilante
R & D Manager
Director of Technical Services

Kristen Nantista
Quality Assurance Manager

Nicole Martino
Quality Control Manager

Outside Directors

Arthur M. Dresner
Counsel to the law firm of
    Duane Morris LLP,
    New York, NY  
Chairman of the Audit Committee

Lawrence F. Maietta
Certified Public Accountant
Partner in the accounting firm of
     Bonamassa, Maietta & Cartelli,
     with offices in Brooklyn & New
     York City, NY
Advisor to the Audit Committee

Andrew A. Boccone
Independent business consultant
Member of the Audit Committee

S. Ari Papoulias
Principal of ChemRise LLC
     (business advisory firm)
Member of the Audit Committee